Marko's Circus Workshop
Children's Entertainment

Benefits of circus skills


SCARF JUGGLING As scarves float slowly they are an excellent way to introduce the juggling pattern to any age and by learning one scarf tricks even Nursery age children can experience catching

BEAN BAG JUGGLING Learning to juggle is a brilliant way for pupils to improve their coordination and concentration. All pupils are challenged with juggling as there is no limit to its progression and it is a great way of teaching pupils how learning new skills is a simple matter of practice and building up in stages.

PLATE SPINNING Fun for all ages, a great co-ordination and balance challenge. As well as getting it spinning you can jump the plate, balance it on your finger or nose & pass it to a partner.

DIABOLO Brilliant for Yrs 5 to teenager. The excitement of throwing a diabolo high in the air is irresistible.

FUN WHEELS a great way to develop balance and confidence.

STILTS The old classic where adults can enjoy being kids again and kids can enjoy being the height of adults.

CHINESE RIBBONS Beautiful to use and a great way for the pupils to express themselves and can link very well with dance and music